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Hi, this is Larry here.

I am pleased that you discovered this site for good wood shed plans. A good wood shed is great for lawn equipment, garden tools, and storing other items from your garage to make room for your car.

I recommend that you spend a few minutes to read on because there are valuable information on wood shed plans and easy-to-follow instructions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If You are Busy Read This First…

Wood Shed PlansIf you are short on time and do not want to read the rest of this article, you could find out what has worked for me and others.

Do not spend you hard own money on purchasing one of those poorly constructed sheds for storage when with a set of wood shed plans you can build your very own for less with quality material.

If you have some experience with building woodwork projects out of wood such as a chair, toy box, bookshelves, or dog house, then the only thing between you and a new shed is a set of quality wood shed plans. Here is where I can provide some help.

You see I was in the same boat once when I wanted to build my own shed in the backyard. I started by gathering as much information off the internet as I could about the process for building a shed.

To be honest I found all kinds of information that provided me with value. I discovered what types of wood are good for outdoor sheds and the tools that I would need.

The only thing left was to decide which shed design I wanted. For a few minutes I thought about just spending some money and buying one of those prefab sheds. Then I finally decided I would appreciate the wood shed a lot more if I spent the time to build it with my own hands and tools.

So I went on line and purchased two different wood shed plans. I found the plans to be worthless, a waste of my money, and wasted of my time. I purchased another set of shed plans that also failed and was just junk.

As I Continued To Search I finally ran across The Shed Plans that I was looking for…

I stumbled on Ryan Henderson’s “My Shed Plans” website.

It has over 12,000 shed plans available to select from. I found the design for a nice wood shed that I immediately fell in love with. It was a 12 x 8 wood shed with 8 foot walls and a solid foundation.

So I went with this comprehensive set of easy to follow wood shed plans which my family also loved. We all had a lot of fun building the shed and painting it to match our home.

Hope I  Saved You Some Time And Money…

I hope you discovered the above information useful and helpful. To further help you save some time and money I suggest you check out the Wood Shed Plans I talked about above.

The plans includes the required material, tools needed, clear and easy to follow instructions for all aspects of building the wood shed. The plans consist of instructions for constructing the foundation, roof, walls, windows, door, and an optional ramp.

All That Is Left Is To Take Action…

Click Here For Free 12 x 8 Wood Shed Plans

You should have seen the expression on the family and friend’s faces when they saw the finish 12 x 8 wood shed constructed using these wood shed plans.


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