How To Build The Ultimate Garden Shed

Are you looking for the ultimate garden shed for your backyard then let me tell you what you have found on this site.

Garden Sheds come in many different beautiful designs.

Ultimate Garden ShedThey perform more than a utilitarian function; they define and create space, personalize the garden area, and accentuate your amazing gardening skills.

The ultimate garden shed which I am going to discuss has all the beautiful finishes including  nine windows, a metal roof, a glass sliding door, trusses, window and door trim, battens, two roofs, two rooms,  and more.

The Shed is one of my favorites. It has a unique style that combines a storage shed with a potting shed. It has a unique twist in that it has double roofed construction. This rustic cedar shed is two sheds in one and will keep everyone happy.

This garden shed is good looking as well as practical and useful. It also makes a wonderful place to retreat from the stresses of life including work and family.

This cedar garden shed is the perfect solution for storage and gardening. It will provide a great place for both working and playing in the back yard. The storage area has lots of room for the garden and lawn equipment. This 8 ft. x 9-1/2 ft. shed is perfect and stylist.

In addition to the traditional front door you can gain access in the back through a 46 inch wide sliding door. The door opens up to a small 5-1/2 foot X 8 foot room that is would make a great potting shed.

It is designed to be low-maintenance. It is built with a concrete paver floor, steel roof, and natural cedar siding.

You only need basic skills in carpentry to build this shed. It is not complicated but you will find that it is a big job. It should take you and a good helper four to five weekends to complete. You will also need to spend a couple more days sealing the siding and adding the finishing touches.

You will find that the PDF shed plans is written like an article and provides clear step-by-step instructions and photos to help you see how to build it the right way. The views in the plans are high resolution.

You will find a complete bill of materials and tools required to fabricate the shed. You will need basic hand tools, a drill, a circular saw, power miter saw and a table saw. To work on the tall gable end and roof you will need a 6 foot and 10 foot stepladder.

You will find that most of the materials are available at your local building supply store and lumberyards. You may have to order the grooveless cedar plywood and the barn sash windows.

You may have to special-order the metal roofing material to get a custom color and get the metal panels cut to the length you want. Check with your local building supply store they will be able to help obtain the metal roofing material in the color you want.

I always want to remind shed builders to check with the city building office to determine if you need a permit.

I have found that most towns require a building permit for a shed of this size. Call your local building department to find out. Inform them that the shed is 120 sq. ft.

Also determine whether there are any restrictions on where you plan to locate the shed on your property. If you plan to locate it near you property line, you may want to hire a surveyor to identify your property line and easements. You do not want to build on an easement.

You want to start this process at least a month prior to starting the project just in case you run into a snag. Several days before you start digging, call local utility companies to have buried utility lines such as electricity, phone, and cable located and marked. You do not want to cut a utility line. Your neighbors will not be happy.

Now it is time to download the complete set of plans in PDF format…

This is a great starter shed for the beginners. It is small and easy to build.

Enjoy building this shed and send us photos of the completed shed.

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The Ultimate Garden Shed

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