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Who says that a storage Shed cannot be beautiful? If you are looking for Storage Shed Plans then you are on the right site.

As you read on your will discover information on some storage shed plans and tips. I highly recommend that you read to the end of the article because it will save you some time when looking for storage shed plans. You will learn about storage shed plans and discover a few building code and permit tips.

IMPORTANT: Read The Following First…

When I was searching on the web for Storage Sheds I wanted to be able to download blueprints and information that would help me in building a shed in my backyard.

Storage Shed PlansI quickly found that most online storage shed plans that I could download did not provide my with the information I was looking for. Not only that, when I did find a possible set of plans they were hard to read and were missing information vital to building a shed.

I became extremely disappointing that I could not find a set of Plans that satisfied my needs.

As I Searched I Finally Located 10 Different Storage Shed Plans That Satisfied My Needs…

After struggling for a while on the internet I finally found a site that solved my problem and provided quality storage shed plans.

What I found was Ryan Henderson’s “My Shed Plans” a best seller internationally over the past couple of years. It turns out to be one of the most shed plans downloadable products on the web.

Important Note: “My Shed Plans” does have an extensive range and different sizes of quality Storage Shed Plans, 10 in total.

Building Codes and Permit Tip

The building codes for a shed in your community may differ depending if it is going to be strictly used for storage or whether it will contain heating, plumbing, wiring, and interior walls. You should contact your local building code office before you begin building to gain an understanding of the required codes.

In some communities a building permit may be required if it is over a certain size and is built on a permanent foundation.

Your community may also have rules about the location (property setbacks and easements), size, and the design of the roof.

Only after you have a full understanding of all the building codes should you select one.

Important Tip

Building a Storage Shed from a set of plans with stock material in possible for any do-it-yourselfer. You want a set that provide details about the materials and a list of cutting patterns, clear diagrams, and step-by-step instructions that a person with basic skills in carpentry can follow.

Building a small to medium storage shed should only take two to three weekends.

Your Next Step: Find Out More…

I hope you found all the information in the above article helpful. The provided tips should be helpful but the only true way to get your storage shed built is to take immediate action!

I recommend that you check out the 10 storage shed plans I talked about above. You will be able to learn about the cost and what is included in the plans.

I hope you enjoy the time spent building your Storage shed with a good set of Storage Shed Plans.


4 Responses to “Storage Shed Plans”

  1. Bill says:

    Thanks for the tip where you say that we need to check with our local council if we need building permits, I found it quite useful. I was going to start building my garden shed but now that I read this, I should check first. Also, now that I remember I have a friend who started building one in his garden and had to stop until the local council approved the construction. It took him longer than expected!

    • Larry says:

      HI Bill,
      I am so glad you found the tip about checking with the local council helpful. Yea, sometimes it takes a while for a council to approve a building permit. Hope you enjoy building your garden shed!

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