How to Build A Simple Storage Shed

Are you looking for an easy to build simple storage shed? Then you have come to the right place.

Here I will share with you about a 8 X 10 Foot simple storage shed that is sturdy with plenty of storage area.

Simple Storage ShedAs the photo shows it has a double door that is located in the center of the shed making it easy to move items into and out of the shed. To help with security there is no window. For additional security you can add a heavy-duty hasp latch and padlock on the door, along with head and foot slide bolts inside.

It is design so you can add a simple ramp to make easy to move heavy items like a lawn mower in and out of the shed. The ramp will make it ideal for storing a wheelbarrow and other yard equipment.

Even thought this shed is basic the four walls are ready for adding shelves for storing small items and organizing stuff.

It is a proportional building with overhanging eaves and trim to give it that quality built appearance. To protect the exterior walls you could paint it to match the color of your house. The roof could also be finished with the same roof type of material that is on your house.

As you can see this simple storage shed is easy to modify to integrate with the rest of the property and surrounding structures. This would be possible with one of those shed building kits.

For seldom used items like holiday decorations you could install a full-length 2X 4 or 2 X 6 joists and cover them with 1/2 inch plywood for an attic space. Make sure to leave a couple of access points so you can place item in the attic using a stepladder.

Because this shed is simple cost effective it would be a great for store space a vacation home, a cabin in the woods, and other remote locations.

The simplicity and economy of this shed design also make it a great choice for cabins, vacation homes, and other remote locations.

The foundation is built on a 4 inch layer of compacted gravel. Make sure the gravel is leveled because you will be placing the two skids on the ground to support the floor frame and the shed.

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A full list of tools and materials are provided with these simple storage shed plans.

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