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Thank you for selecting this site as your first step in selecting a set of shed building plans to build a shed for storage or the garden.

By selecting the right set of shed plans you will have everything you need to build that garden shed or storage shed you have been dreaming about for a while.

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Shed Building PlansMost homeowners build a storage shed in the backyard to create more room  in the garage the cars. To make room move home equipment and garden equipment to a storage or garden shed.

Storage sheds and garden sheds also solve the problem of space needed by carpenters and gardeners that want to work separately from the environment of the home.

Some people have actually tackled building a shed by themselves to learn the skills of a carpenter. A lot of times they actually include members of the family in the project.

Before you embark on the shed building journey you need to consider what shed building plans you need and what materials are needed. A good set of shed building plans will help you realize things you may have ignored but are needed for that perfect storage or garden shed.

The better plans are loaded with clear instructions and tips that are helpful in building the shed.

Finding The Right Plans Tip

Like you I struggled with finding quality shed building plans that were clear and complete.

Then one day as I searched the internet I stumbled across Ryan Henderson’s “My Shed Plans.”

I discovered contains multiple shed plans for different types of sheds such as storage, garden, garage wood, etc. and other plans for woodwork projects such as playgrounds, tables, chairs, benches, home improvement, etc.

Your Final Step Is To Take Action…

I hope the information presented to be informative and helpful. Selecting the right shed building plans is the first and the final step in taking action to build that shed.

I recommend that you take a look Ryan’s My Shed Plans for your shed building plans.

I hope the time you spent on my site was beneficial and helped you with selecting your shed building plans.


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  1. Matthew says:

    If you have a budget for building a shed then sourcing second hand lumber is the best way. The problem sometimes is getting your hands on some.

    • Larry says:

      Thank you for the tip. I have actually done this myself and the trick is knowing exactly what to look for. Second hand lumber will save you build material cost.

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