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If you are thinking about building a Gazebo, then you have arrived at the RIGHT site for Gazebo Plans.

A gazebo is a perfect project for the summer because  most people love sitting outside and enjoying those nature warm sunny days.  Gazebos are also excellent shady retreat in which to sit and entertain. They also provide a great setting for a backyard wedding with the bride and groom standing in the Gazebo.

In the next part of this article, your will discover information that will save you time and energy when trying to locate Gazebo Plans. I strongly recommend that you read to the very end of this page for information you are looking for.

Gazebo PlansI am going to provide a site where you can download not just 1, but several different HIGH QUALITY Gazebo Plans with clearly written building instructions.

IMPORTANT: Read The Following First…

When I began thinking about building a Gazebo I searched the internet for quality Plans that were easy to read and follow.

I was also looking for plans I could download immediately instead of waiting for the plans to come in the mail.

I quickly found that the plans I could download were extremely limited and lacking all the information I was looking for in a set of Gazebo Plans. Not only that, but I was unable to find plans that were detailed enough.

A number of the plans were missing information on the required materials and did not contain complete blueprints.

I was extremely frustrated with the Plans I initially found.

But I did eventually locate the solution I was looking for.

Then I discover not 1 but several different Plans…

After spending a huge amount of time struggling to find quality plans, I stumbled upon a quality set of plans that provided clear step by step instructions for planning and building a gazebo.

I Finally Found Some EASY TO USE Gazebo Plans

See “My Shed Plans Review” (The #1 selling shed plans and other woodworking plans international in 2011) to learn about several easy to follow Gazebo Plans.

I did not know at the time I found “My Shed Plans” download site, but it is the most downloadable site of shed plans on the web.

IMPORTANT NOTE: “My Shed Plans” which specializes in shed plans also includes other woodworking plans like Gazebos.

Gazebo Wood Selection Tip:

Material selection for the Gazebo should be material that will provide long lasting results. There are many material types to choose from such as natural wood or a painted Gazebo. For the natural wood look there is Cedar. Some other good looking woods include teak, redwood, and pressure treated spruce or pine.

For an outdoor Gazebo I like natural teak for it’s look and because it is an eco-friendly material for the environment.

Foundation Tip:

To provide a very solid base that will last, the support posts should be set on concrete. This will ensure that it does not shift over time and help to keep it plumb and level.

The Next Step: Get Your Gazebo Plans

Hopefully we have provided you with useful information. Some great tips were provided, but the only way to get it built, is to take action now!

Our suggestion is that you check out the Plans I found and discussed above. You will discover how much they actually cost (do not worry they are not expensive), what is included in the plans, and a lot more.

The best part is that you can actually download them risk free for a period of 60 days with a no questions asked money back period.

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Hope you have fun and enjoy building your gazebo using Gazebo Plans.

9 Responses to “Gazebo Plans”

  1. Craig says:

    Thanks for the information, I’m actually just getting started thinking building a shed and plan on building a gazebo as my first project. The for the great idea about teak wood – I’ll definitely be making it using teak wood!

    • Larry says:

      Craig, thanks for leaving a comment about building your first project using gazebo plans. It is great to see newbie willing to tackle a project like a gazebo. Good luck with your first project.

  2. Adam says:

    Hi Larry, Thanks a lot for these tips, I was looking for some gazebo plans on the net and couldn’t really find something that would give me what I was looking for. This gazebo that I am building is also my first project, so I hope it turns out right!

  3. […] people dream of having their very own gazebo in their gardens. It is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the weather and the surroundings, and even increases […]

  4. George says:

    I am new to build sheds. Would a Gazebo be a good structure to build as my first outside building project?

    • Larry says:

      I agree that a Gazebo would be a great outdoor project to begin with. Building a gazebo would be very rewarding and it is one of the easiest projects for a DIY handyman. It is practical for entertaining and it adds an atmosphere of romance to a garden area. Remember ‘The Sound of Music’ movie! Gazebo’s are great for outdoor weddings. My daughter was married under a Gazebo. A great setting.

      Have fun!

  5. Clare says:

    I am trying to convince my hisband to build a Gazebo in our garden, we have a big outdoor space and I think the gazebo will look fantastic. However, my husband has never built one and is a bit reluctant to do it, he´d rather hire someone. Do you think it is a big job?

    • Larry says:


      Selecting a set of Gazebo plans is the important part of determine how difficult building the Gazebo. Some can be more complicated than others. I think you can pick a set of Gazebo plans that provides step by step instructions for building the Gazebo along with wood that is needed, doors, windows, and the roof. I have build a similar structure and it took time but building was not to hard.

      Talk him into and he will have a great time building it. Check out My Shed Plans for a good selection of Gazebo building plans.

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