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Garden Shed PlansYou will learn about a site where you can review and download HIGH QUALITY Garden Shed Plans for building your backyard shed.

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When I was looking to build a Garden Shed I looked at many Internet sites for that quality set of Garden Shed Plans that were very easy to follow.

I also wanted plans that I could immediately download. I did not want to wait for plans to arrive in the mail.

I quickly learned that most of the downloadable plans were very limited and lacking valuable information I needed in a set of Garden Shed Plans.

In addition, I could not find plans with enough details. In fact some of the plans were actually missing information I was looking for such as required materials and complete blueprints.

I was extremely unsatisfied with the Garden Shed Plans I found initially.

But after further searching I found the Garden Shed Plans solution I was searching for.

I found a solution with many different Garden Shed Plans to choice from…

After spending hours looking for quality plans, I happened onto a set of quality plans that provided excellent step by step instructions for building my Garden Shed.

Here is the Internet site I came across:

Check out “My Shed Plans” by Ryan Henderson (The #1 selling shed plans and other woodworking plans international in 2011)

I did not realize it when I reviewed the site, but it has been the most down loadable site for shed plans for some time on the Internet.

IMPORTANT NOTE: “My Shed Plans” which includes many shed plans also contains a number of different woodworking plans.

Building Tip

Prebuild roof trusses to save time and a lot of work.

If you build one rafter at a time per most shed plans you will spend half of your time crawling up and down the ladder. By prebuilding the roof trusses on the ground, you will cut out climbing up and down the ladder saving time and your knees.

Preparing For Building The Floor Tip

You want to find a spot for the Garden Shed that is level, ground that drains well, and close to where you work in your garden or yard. The spot does not have to be perfectly flat because most Garden Shed Plans provide instructions for adjustments for making the floor level.

Smaller Garden Sheds can be built on a top-soil foundation, even in the regions that have freezing winters days. What works well are precast concrete deck blocks laid on a soil foundation.

See video below for pouring a concrete slab for your garden shed.

Now It Is Time To Get The Your Garden Shed Plans

Hopefully all the information provided was helpful. We provided several useful building tips to help you, but the best way to get your Garden Shed built is to take action!

Our suggestion is to review all the Garden Shed Plans we talked about above which are available in one place. You will discover what is included in each plan, and a lot more.

The best thing is you can download the plans to your computer right now and begin the planning process for your Garden Shed with your selected Garden Shed Plans!

Click Here To Visit Ryan’s “My Shed Plans” Website

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4 Responses to “Garden Shed Plans”

  1. Ron says:

    Aidan, as always, great insight…Thank you for making preparing for building the floor clear.

  2. Mike says:

    What do you suggest for material to line my garden shed with. Is it a good idea to insulate the garden shed or is it a waste of time and money?

    • Larry says:

      HI Mike,
      I assume you are framing with lumber, plywood or fibre cement sheet to line the wall of the shed. Yes, it is a very good idea to insulate the walls to reflect heat in the summer and keep heat in during winter. If you plan to use the garden shed as a workshop I believe it is very important to insulate it. I suggest your also insulate the underside of the roof as well. Make sure to leave a 25mm air gap between the insulation and the lumber.

      Enjoy building your garden shed!

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