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Need a wood shed to store fire wood? Then you have arrived at a very good resource for firewood shed plans information to help you build that shed.

I encourage you to continue reading the shed resource information on this page because I have done all the research for good firewood shed plans for you. So this should save you both time and energy.

Build Your Own Amazing Firewood Shed Fast and Easy With “Step-By-Step” Plans With Easy-To-Follow Blueprints and Detailed Illustrations…

 Further down on the page I am going to provide a website where you can download some plans. These plans are good for storing firewood and keeping the wood dry and keep snow off the wood.Firewood Shed Plans

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Continue Reading The Following…

When I first started looking online for firewood shed plans, I was trying to find down loadable plans that were immediate and free.

What I quickly found was that there were only a few that were truly downloadable. In addition to that, most of the plans were not complete and they were missing material sources, missing measurements, and the written instructions were lacking.

I was very disappointed as I searched the Internet for hours.

Then I came across a real solution.

I discovered “My Shed Plans” by Ryan Henderson. At the time I reviewed the site I did not know but it is by far the most down loadable set of shed plans on the web.

Important Information: Ryan Henderson’s “My Shed Plans” includes a wide range of shed plans, other woodworking projects, as well as wood shed plans.

Firewood Shed Building Advice:

1. The firewood shed location is very important. It should be built close to a door of the house so the wood is easy to get on those cold nights. It would not be good to walk through the cold to get wood at the back of yard.

2. The floor should be raised to ensure the wood does not get damp.

3. You want to build a slanted roof to allow the rain and snow to run off keeping the wood dry. Plan to build the foundation of the shed on a slant to keep water away from the wood.

4. Make sure to allow for plenty of airflow to help the wood dry properly. This is why sheds for firewood have only three sides. One side needs to be left open for good airflow. Arrange the shed so the open side faces away from direction of most of the wind in your area. This will help to protect the wood.

It is my hope that this information was helpful for you. The tips provided were very good but building that firewood shed requires you to take action!

I highly recommend that you look into the plans I have been discussing. You will uncover the required materials and building instructions to help you with building the shed before the winter arrives. These plans consist of the foundation, slanted roof, slanted floor, and door.

Click Here For Ryan’s “My Shed Plans”Website

I hope you get that wood shed built before the cold weather arrives using firewood shed plans.

3 Responses to “Firewood Shed Plans”

  1. Diana says:

    Great tips about the firewood shed, I would have thought that the shed has to be built not so close to the house, to keep the place tidy. But, it is quite useful that it is close to the house to carry the wood inside. Also, I live in a place where it rains quite often and it is really important to keep the wood dry, will definately raise the floor.

    • Larry says:


      I am happy that the tips about building firewood sheds were helpful. One of the main reasons for build a firewood shed is to keep the firewood dry and out of the elements.

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