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If you are looking into building your own shed with DIY Shed Plans you have come to the right location on the internet.

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By investing just a few moments reading this article, I promise you will come away with information on DIY Shed Plans and you will save yourself  time and energy along the way.

Within this page I will reveal a great location that you will be able to download a number of DIY Shed Plans to choose your plans from. You will find plans for garden sheds, storage sheds, DIY shed plans, firewood sheds, wood sheds, and gazebo plans.DIY Shed Plans

IMPORTANT: Read The Following Information First…

There are more and more people today that are putting on their own tool belts and building their own sheds with their own equipment and hands.

The trouble comes when they determine their carpentry skills are lacking and the shed plans they found online was not exactly clear and were not the easiest to follow.

This is a story I have read about many times on the internet as I searched for a set of clear and easy to read DIY Shed Plans to build my very own storage shed.

No one wants to be embarrassed by their finished product or have neighbors make fun of the shed or family members hiding their smirks for months to follow.

The good news is that you can find some awesome DIY Shed Plans online. With the right set of plans you will normally receive a set of blueprints that are professionally designed and easy to follow even for the DIY enthusiast.

But the bad news is what I kept finding online as I searched.  There are many poorly designed plans online and you will not find out how bad they are until after you paid for them and left with documents that are worthless and confusing. The worst part is that some of these sellers will not issue a refund.

I kept coming away after searching very disappointed.

But then I found the solution I was looking for.

I Found A Product That Provided a Wealth Of DIY Shed Plans…

After searching for hours and being frustrated, I finally stumbled upon a number of quality DIY Shed Plans, and in particular, plans for storage sheds.

What I found was Ryan Henderson’s* “My Shed Plans.” I did not realize at the time but it has been one of the most downloaded set of shed plans online.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In addition to all the shed plans included “My Shed Plans” also includes a variety of other woodworking project plans such as bookcases, chairs, tables, gazebos, dog houses, and many more.

The Benefits Of DIY Shed Plans

  • Following DIY Shed Plans allows you to set your own building pace and allows you to do things in your own time.
  • After following  Shed Plans to build your shed you can gaze at your finished creation and say with joy “I built that!”
  • With quality shed plans you have a set of written instructions that can be a benefit to you in the future if needed. You can share the plans with your friends and family if they want a shed like the one you built.
  • You could actually begin your own shed building business at half the cost and making a good profit based on the final cost you charge!
  • You will have the satisfaction knowing really good material was used in building the shed and every nail and screw has been hammered home and screwed in!
  • You will increase your confidence in your carpentry skills, woodworking skills, and abilities.

Some Important Tips When Following DIY Shed Plans…

  • Avoid building the shed over utility pipes and wires that run under the ground to prevent moving the shed in the future for maintenance work. You do not want to dismantle your shed to replace a cable TV cable do you!
  • Use brickwork or pressure treated fence posts to place the shed on to keep it off the ground. This will help to keep dampness and prevent frost from entering your completed shed.
  • Locate the shed away from areas in the yard that have low points to avoid the shed floor being covered with water each time there is a heavy rain. Another option is to build a gradual slope away from the shed with a bed of sand wider than the shed and gravel on the top of the sand to allow the ground under the shed to drain water away from the shed.

Your Next Step Is To Take Action…

I hope the list of benefits and tips were helpful. But to build that shed you want you must take action now!

If you are looking for quality DIY Shed Plans then I recommend that you checkout all the plans mentioned above. You will be able to download the plan of your choice from the online site.

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*Ryan’s “My Shed Plans” was the #1 selling shed plan guide in the Clickbank Marketplace in 2011. It is widely recognized as being the most thorough and complete collection of DIY Shed Plans available.

7 Responses to “DIY Shed Plans”

  1. Jamie says:

    Thanks a lot for the information on do it yourself sheds. I couldn’t agree more with the tips provided!

    Quick question for you, do the shed plans provided in the My Shed Plans give exact dimensions?


    • Larry says:

      Hi Jamie,

      There’s a wide range of different styles of shed plans and building tips inside My Shed Plans. In most cases, exact dimensions are offered along with detail instructions.

  2. Ted says:

    What materials should I use for the inside of a shed?

    • Larry says:

      P2000 insulation will work fine. It is steam extruded and will not lose its R value like the gas extruded insulation board.
      Good luck!

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  4. Amanda says:

    I think the tip about avoid building the shed over utilitiy pipes is very useful. My husband built one over some pipes and we wanted to change the cable TV but we couldn´t because we would´ve had to change the shed location!

    • Larry says:

      I am glad you found the information about building a garden shed over utility pipes and cables. When planning to build a shed make sure to contact location utility companies. They will come out and mark the underground utility wires location.

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