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Steps to Consider When Building a Storage Shed
A storage shed is an incredibly convenient addition to any home. They allow you to store a variety of items, keeping them organized and safe from the natural elements. No matter how much space you have available, the following suggestions will help you make decisions regarding building a storage shed. First, you need to know what you will use the shed for. Will you need it to store your lawn equipment [...]
Painting Your Garden Shed
Now that you're done with the construction part, next comes the painting. Painting your garden shed is pretty important in the overall scheme of things. To protect and enhance the exterior features of the garden shed, paint or varnishing can be done. External wood stain is also a viable option, though it won't look as good as the other two options. Timber, by nature, absorbs water. This is very [...]
How To Build The Ultimate Garden Shed
Are you looking for the ultimate garden shed for your backyard then let me tell you what you have found on this site. Garden Sheds come in many different beautiful designs. They perform more than a utilitarian function; they define and create space, personalize the garden area, and accentuate your amazing gardening skills. The ultimate garden shed which I am going to discuss has all the beautiful [...]
How to Build A Simple Storage Shed
Are you looking for an easy to build simple storage shed? Then you have come to the right place. Here I will share with you about a 8 X 10 Foot simple storage shed that is sturdy with plenty of storage area. As the photo shows it has a double door that is located in the center of the shed making it easy to move items into and out of the shed. To help with security there is no window. For additional [...]
My Shed Plans Review
This page was last updated on My Shed Plans provides information on plans and tips for building different types of wood sheds and other projects for woodworking. It has been a best seller for several years and has even been featured in Outdoors and Farm Ideas. But you may be asking, does these plans deliver on what it promises and do the shed plans provide what is needed to build a shed. My [...]
Ryan Henderson
Ryan Henderson is the man behind the selling of shed plans and woodwork projects in "My Shed Plans." If you are like me, then want to know about Ryan Henderson before investing in his shed plans. Before buying "My Shed Plans", I took a couple of days and learn a little more about Ryan to determine if he was the real thing. The first thing I found out about him is that he has been building [...]
Free 12 x 8 Shed Plans
This page was last updated on If you are considering building a 12 x 8 shed, then you have arrived at the RIGHT Place for information on the 12 x 8 Shed Plans. By spending a few minutes reading the information on this page, I promise you will save a lot of time and energy. I am actually going to reveal were you can download shed plans for a 12 x 8 shed. IMPORTANT: Read This First... When [...]
Gazebo Plans
If you are thinking about building a Gazebo, then you have arrived at the RIGHT site for Gazebo Plans. A gazebo is a perfect project for the summer because  most people love sitting outside and enjoying those nature warm sunny days.  Gazebos are also excellent shady retreat in which to sit and entertain. They also provide a great setting for a backyard wedding with the bride and groom standing [...]
Garden Shed Plans
Are you considering building a Garden Shed? Then you have arrived at right page for Garden Shed Plans and tips. This page was last updated on By spending just a few moments reading this article, your will uncover information that will save you time when looking for quality Garden Shed Plans. I strongly recommend that you finish reading to the end of this page to discover the information [...]
Storage Shed Plans
Who says that a storage Shed cannot be beautiful? If you are looking for Storage Shed Plans then you are on the right site. As you read on your will discover information on some storage shed plans and tips. I highly recommend that you read to the end of the article because it will save you some time when looking for storage shed plans. You will learn about storage shed plans and discover a few building [...]
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