Storage Shed Plans And Shed Building Tips

Congratulation on taking the first step in selecting a set of shed plans and discovering building tips for constructing your own outdoor shed!

Build Your Own Amazing Garden Shed Fast and Easy With “Step-By-Step” Plans With Easy-To-Follow Blueprints and Detailed Illustrations…

Shed PlansIf you are like most homeowner you know that there is never enough space for storage. There is always a limit to what you can store in your garage or basement or spare bedroom.

We have found that shed-building can be approached two different ways:

  • You can drive to your local hardware store and research prefab metal sheds and wood shed kits containing pre-cut boards
  • You can build a wood shed yourself with a good set of shed plans.

Building Your Own Shed From Shed Plans

A storage shed kit may provide you some savings in both time and labor, but these elements are not critical when building a shed.

You should look at building a shed as a recreational project. For a cost of between $500 and $700 in material and set of good garden shed plans, you can enjoy designing and constructing a shed that blends with your home.

The best part is that you can put your personal work belt around your waist, hammer nails, make that skill saw scream, and paint and trim. It is an opportunity to build a house without suffering with building the actual thing.

We have found that spring and autumn are great times for building a shed like a firewood shed, garden shed, or storage shed. Working weekends and weeknights you will finish it in time to put the lawnmower, yard gear, and hoses away before the heat or snow arrives.

Prefab Wood Sheds

Prefab wooded shed usually costs twice as much as steel sheds.

They usually do not come with a foundation.

Wood kits vary in how many elements come in a prefab condition. Some kits include all the boards cut, while others provide instructions for cutting the wood to size along with cutting templates.

Some kits only provide a wood materials list that you have to purchase and cut. For a high-end wood shed kit, you could spend up to about $6,000.

Basic Elements For Sound Shed Building Plans

Most shed building plans will vary to some degree but the basic elements will be fairly similar. Here are some of the basic elements that most Storage Shed Plans may include:
– Ideas For The shed’s Location
– Carpentry Tools Required
– Foundation Instructions
– Materials
– Floor Plans
– Framing Methods
– Wall Details
– Roof Instructions
– Door Ideas
– Windows Styles
– Trim and Paint
– Ramp Suggestions
– Landscaping Ideas

5 Secrets to Building a Better Shed

Here are some of my favorite tricks for a high quality shed based on my shed building experience.

1. Start With a Sound Foundation
2. Provide for Good Air Circulation
3. Build a Weather-Resistant Floor Frame
4. Build With Low-Maintenance Materials
5. Plan For The Needed Door Size, Door Placement, and the Ramp

Check For Local Building Codes

Check for local building requirements in your community for the following before starting to build a wooden shed:

– Visit or Call The Local Building Department For Requirements
– Determine Whether A Building Permit is required
– Building Inspector will inspect the Shed for meeting Building Code
– Have Utility Companies mark all buried electrical wires, phone cables, and cable TV cables

I have heard about DIY storage sheds being built on easements, encroaching on the neighbor’s property, and built on protected wetland. In all these cases the sheds had to be removed at the cost of the owner. Once again make sure all building codes and property requirements are well checked out and accounted for.

What is Next?

Most people who visit this website are looking for easy to use shed blueprints.

If that’s what you’re after, then I highly recommend you check out “My Shed Plans” by Ryan Henderson.

Ryan Shed Plans is the #1 selling do-it-yourself shed building plans on the internet (for several years in a row!) and it’s made up of over 12,000 shed and woodworking plans.

Apart from that, I encourage you to browse my website and bookmark it so you can come back and visit again soon!

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10 Responses to “Storage Shed Plans And Shed Building Tips”

  1. Cater says:

    I really appreciate the details provided. This just might be what I need to get my shed project off the ground. I decided building my own shed was my best option. None of the pre-assembled sheds didn’t quite have what I needed. Thanks for the information on different shed plans.

    • Larry says:

      Carter, Thanks for the positive feedback. I will continue to add more information about build sheds as time goes by. Hope you will have lots of fun building your own shed.

  2. Ernie says:

    Thanks for taking the time to write out such an informative article on shed plans, Larry. I’ll come back again in the next day or two to re-read, as there is so much to learn about building a shed.

    • Larry says:

      Hey Ernie, you’re welcome! Hope the information on shed plans and tips will help you and other build a shed for the backyard.

  3. Bob says:

    I would like to find beautiful designs of garden storage shed plans? I want to see some remarkable shed plans that I can choose from to show to my client.

    • Larry says:

      You should consider My She Plans which is a really great site. They offer more than 12000 shed plans and other projects! You can easily choose the best garden storage shed plans for your client.

  4. Timbo says:

    What is the best lumber to use on a storage shed floor to prevent rotting and helping with air circulate?

    • Larry says:

      I would recommend using 1×6 pressure treated lumbers for a strong flooring which will prevent rotting.

      Water is the biggest enemy of storage shed floors. You could also put some damp proof membrane beneath the joist supports. For good air circulation keep about 150mm between the ground the underside of the floor.

      Another piece of advice is to build the storage shed in a high dry area of the property.

      Good luck!

  5. Ernie says:

    You recommend buying all the materials before building the garden shed. The problem I see with that is it’s laying around for a while. Should I store and protect some of the lumber from getting damp while I am building?

    • Larry says:

      Do your best to keep the lumber off the ground and dry. Stack it properly and place the lumber on strips of 2X2 posts to keep it off the ground. The best is to store it in a garage if possible. In the long run you should build the shed in a short period of time which should not affect the lumber on the ground.

      Have fun building the garden shed!

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